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We all have talents and interests, but we are not always aware of them! It is the goal of the Connections classes to expose your student to a variety of courses in order to help them find what they enjoy. These consist of quarter-long classes, and they include: Agriculture, Career Discovery, Healthcare, Innovation,  and Business & Computer Science. Many of these are subjects that students may pursue at a deeper level once they are in high school.

Connections classes are open to all grade levels and are assigned randomly with the goal being that each student has chance to experience each offering sometime throughout their middle school career.

Business and Computer Science is a course where students use interactive lessons with AES program to learn more about Microsoft Office. Students can work at their own pace, which helps some students retain information better.

In Careers, students will experience a variety of activities that promote self-awareness, self-management skills, leadership, teamwork, career exploration, and educational planning, related to students’ future education and career plans. Students will develop insight into how educational performance enhances career opportunities. Also, students will be exposed to work ethics and societal issues as they relate to educational and career goals.

Exploring Spanish provides students with an introduction to the World Language Pathway through the study of Spanish culture, geography, and language. The study of a world language equips students with realistic lifelong skills that will enable them to function competently in a language other than their own and communicate and compete effectively in the global community and marketplace. This class instills a greater awareness of our own culture and the culture(s) of others and enriches students’ lives by increasing their appreciation for language and culture. The modern language curriculum will develop students’ skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural competence.

Quest introduces areas to enhance personal growth, teamwork, personal responsibility, and skills needed to be a successful independent person in the home, school, work and community.

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